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Zani Tours drives its name from Hamar and Bene tribe in omo Valley. The Hamar and Bene practice a mixed economy, they do not relay on all the different resource in the same way. Their livelihood is based on livestock production Bee keeping. Most important their survival is the livestock, and they themselves stress that livestock (Goats) Husbandry is the back bone of their economy:  Zani Is used for Human and cattle treatment (splint) during accidental bone fracture, bringing down their beehive (Koysi) from the tree during honey harvest. The Hamar and Bene say: Kuli edi Zani ne, ‘people with Goats are like ropes or leather straps; their life is well secured, it will not snap.
Zani and Daki used interchangeably in hammer and bena tribal language. Zani (Daki) Is a tied rope , use to count Days. A traditional way Which all the tribes of Omo valley use to setup their appointment like invitation to attend wedding , meeting and ceremonies for his/her beloved ones. the number of tied rope indicates the total peried of days for his /her appointment. Each day he/she has to cut the tied rope and when tied rope finished...its a day to meet a person or to go for his/her ceremony or ritual events.
 Zani Tours, has made a name for itself as a brand signifying reliability and quality, a benchmark for people dreaming /planning to visit omo valley and at the same time be able to rely on constant and trustful assistance.   

 Zani Tour is a local Travel agency specialized in diverse culture and Nature of Omo valley. We were established in 2015 by two former local guides from Omo Valley.  our office is Located in Jinka, on the heart of South omo & in the capital city of Addis Ababa.
Our goal is to ensure a high quality of service to our clients whilst promoting a sustainable and responsible type of tourism that respects tribal traditions and does not harm the tribal culture.  At Zani Tours we believe the two most important parts of our business are you, our client and the tribal people.  For this reason we do everything we can to satisfy and exceed our clients' expectations whilst avoiding negative impact to the beautiful people, our people, and their traditional way of life in the places we visit.
  Zani tours deeply consider our clients and provide with plenty of tips and practical information For those who have little time available but want to capture the best in terms of Diversity, those who want to get to know the unique identity and life style of Omo valley or Want to have real attachment and experience, those who love freedom but want to rely on punctual and timely assistance, those who want to travel with their children but worried for safety issue.  so that , we can work together to define a plan and personalize it in every respect, to enable you to enjoy your vacation. .

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Zani Tours provides a diverse range of exciting and informative tours for both low and high budget travelers to South Ethiopia's many fascinating sites and cultures.
While it is our job at Zani to provide breathtaking and fun-packed tours for our customers, we also are committed to the principles of sustainable and responsible tourism which means leaving as little impact on the local cultures and the natural environment.Our aim is to give something in return to the local communities and to the environment of the places we visit so that we, the tour operator and you the visitor, have the satisfaction of knowing that our visits are benefiting the natural environment and the lives of the local people with whom we interact during our expedition. Get swept away into a place so far removed from your own that you feel like you’ve entered another world full of exciting adventures, friendly people, exotic sites and fascinating experiences.
Zani expedition runs sustainable and responsible explorers that seek to make a difference.





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Andualem G/Kirstos

Director & Partner Of Zani Tours.

Andualem G/Kirstos

He was born and raised in one of the place in Omo valley.Andualem has three years of college diploma in natural resource and tourism managment. He has 16 years experience in tourism industry Mainly on cultural trips and expeditions in Omo valley and explored many Places and touring in Omo valley since he was 18 years old..He speaks 7 Local languages


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Messay Seifu

TOUR Operator & Partner Of Zani Tours.

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Messay Seifu

Messay Seifu is a tour Operator and partner of zani ethiopian tours. he is born from Bena tribe . Messay speaks 7 Tribal languages from Omo valley . He has three years Diploma from law school & two years Diploma in tourism Operation . He has been leading tours in four corner of Ethiopia for the past 10 years. he has worked with several Professional Film crew and Photographers for past 5 years as a tour Operator & Production manager . he has a greate love for his country & deep consern for his Culture.