Special Program

Cattle camp in omo valley

The members of cattle camp more often, of an agglomeration of cattle. Camps are mainly young unmarried men (men who have not yet brought home their wife’s) . Those boy; ideally, will live more or less permanently in cattle camp together with their mates. The movement of cattle depends in terms of both timing and direction. During the dry season, when most of the grain has been used up, large number of population especially the very old; the very young; join cattle camps in search of a better diet.
Four days :( June – febewurary) , ;
staying with Hamar / Banna tribe, Experiencing the ceremony, Night Dance activities with the local people (Bee Harvesting, Cattle camp) and local Market.
Dime ceremony of the Dassench:
Four days( from June – September ) : Boat excursion on the omo to meet far village, staying with Dassench tribe, experiencing the ceremony, ritual Dance, activities with local tribe and Lake Turkanna( local fisher man on the lake).
Donga / Ula Ceremony ;
Five Days (July –mid October ) Staying with Mursi tribe, experiencing the ceremony, Activities with the local people (cattle camp with Teri, Safari on Tama, Meeting traditional Healers)
Kealle ceremony ,;
Three days( from mid May , June and early July) Staying with Bodi tribe, Experiencing young Bodi feed and prepared for the ceremony (cow Bleeding, Night Dance), activities with local people and Market.

The Above iteneraries prepared for attending the ceremonies and can be combined whith other programs.