7 Days Camping Itenerary

Day 1, (Arbaminch - Banna)
- Pick you from the air port and drive to Banna village via woito , short stop on the way on the view point of Kerkerti .
- Visit the late activities of the village.
   Overnight Banna village
Day 2 , ( Banna - Jinka - Mursi);
- After early visit in the village & breakfast drive to Kako, Visit BannaMarket. Then continue to Gazer via Jinka to visit Aari Market and village.
- Lunch at Jinka then continue to Mursi via Mago national park.
- Short walk in the village and Visit late activities
    Overnight camping Mursi village.
Day 3 , Mursi - Jinka - Banna - Hamar;
- After having breakfast and visiting the early activities in the village, drive to Alduba , visit Tuesday market of Banna (advisable) then
- Drive to Dimeka visit Hamar Market , Lunch in DImeka
- Walk in the village and visit activities in the village
    Overnight Hamar village
Day 4, ; Hamar - Dassenech - Kara Korcho
- After Early visit in the village and breakfast drive south to omorate , Cross Omo river on the other side , Visit Dassenech Village then drives back to Turmi.
- Lunch at Turmi then drive to Kara Korcho, On the way stop at Kizo River where the Hamar herds men watering their cattle from 4 -6 meter hand dug ground water.
- Then continue to Korcho, Visit the late activities in the village.
    Overnight Camping Kara Korcho.
Day 5, Kara - Gnagatom - Hamar
- After having early breakfast, by local boat on the other side of the omo and walk to Gnangatom village (1 hour one way).
- After visiting Gnangatom village back to the Kara and drive to Turmi .
- Visit Thursday Market of Hamar , After Market drive to Bull Jumping
   Overnight Camping Dambayte ( Hamar village)
Day 6 , Hamar - Tsemaye - Arbore
- After having breakfast Early visit and Breakfast ,drive to Arbore
- On the way stop Luka to visit Tsemaye Market then continue to Arbore
- Walk in the village and Visit late Activities of Arbore tribe
   Overnight camping ( Arbore village)
Day 7, Arbore - Arbaminch - Adiss
- After having breakfast and early visit in the village drive to Arbaminch on the way, visit Tsemaye Market at woito