Day 1 Addis Ababa - Arbaminch (510 Kms)
Early morning start drive to Arba Minch through the rift valley lakes of Ziway, Langano, Abjata and Shalla. Lunch break at Shahemene. Continued driving and arrive Arba Minch for two nights .
DAY 2 (292km ) 6-7 hours
After breakfast, depart from Arba Minch to Turmi. On the way you will pass through the village of Weyto (market day Saturday), which is home to the Tsemai tribe. Continue through the Weyto Valley to Erbore, where you will have a brief visit to a local Erbore village (market day is Saturday). Finally, proceed to Turmi, home of the Hamer tribe. Final destination turmi at buska lodge.
DAY 3 (30 km) 1.30 hour from turmi
Heading to Walngabayno Hmmer village. We choose this village because of the land scape and not really exposed for so much tourism and it is convenient for your film shooting to get the deep rooted culture .
DAY 4 (30 km) 1.30 hour from turmi
Shooting film pending
DAY 5 (30 km) 1.30 hour from turmi
Shooting the film pending
DAY 6 (30 km) 1.30 hour from turmi
Finalizing the film shooting and celebrating with the people and thanks for their cooperation.
DAY 7 KARA TRIBE Dus village (99 km) 5 hour drive
Today we have to drive an off road drive that's why it takes us sometimes to reach Dus village and the rest of the day setting up all equipments and camping gear and exploring a place where you able to do your Set .
DAY 8 Dus village
Continue the film set
DAY 9 Dus village
Continue the film set
DAY 10 Dus village
Finalizing the film shooting and thanks for the indigenous tribes and celebrating
DAY 11 DUS -JINKA (219KM) 6hours drive
drive from dus to jinka between we will make a lunch stop at turmi and proceed to jinka and overnight at jinka resort as an option their is a leisure lodge ECO OMO LODGE .
DAY 12 JINKA - MURSI (90KM) 4 hours drive
After early breakfast heading to mursi tribe through mago national park and arrive HAILUWA mursi village nearby the river bank likewise they are rarely visited by tourist, so we are able to manage to succeed our film shooting after settling down with the village chief as i have mentioned you earlier about the fee for the shooting. Afterwards we continue preparing all the cooking and camping gear stuffs and choosing a place where you want to do you film set.
DAY 13 Film Shooting
Film Shooting In the village.
Finalizing the the film set and feasting with village thanks for the cooperation
DAY 15 HAILUWA (Mursi village ) - JINKA (90km ) 4hours
in the morning after breakfast and loading our equipments drive back to jinka and arrive in the hotel for refreshment at specific hotel or lodge.
DAY 16 JINKA - ARBAMICH (250KM ) 7 hour drive
After breakfast, depart from Jinka to Arba Minch via Key Afar and Konso. Thursday is market day in Key Afar, where you will see the Benna and Tsemai tribes trading goods. This is another very popular market in the region. After the visit, proceed to Konso (market days are Mondays and Thursdays). The Konso people are known for their wooden statues, known as wakas, which are erected in honor of dead heroes as well as their innovative agricultural terracing. Today you will have a brief opportunity to visit a local village and the cultural museum displaying many waka statues. After the visit, proceed driving to Arba Minch.
Overnight in Arba Minch at lodge or hotel.
DAY 17 ARBAMICH - ADDIS ABEBA (505 KM) 9 hour drive
Early in the morning, depart from Arba Minch for a full day’s drive to Addis Ababa.